St. Mary's plague column

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St. Mary's plague column in the north-west part of the square is by the Plzen sculptor Kristian Widman and dates back to 1681.
It was commissioned by the Plzen burgesses as an expression of thanks that, in 1680, the city had been saved from the plague.

The stone balustrade with its statues supports a powerful plinth with a second group of four statues; the column is then completed by a head and, on it, a Baroque replica of the famous Plzen Madonna.

The statues on the balustrade and plinth date from 1714 and represent St. Bartholomew, St. Wenceslas, St. Frantisek Xaversky, St. Ruzena, St. Antonin, St. Roch, St. Barbora and St. Florian.

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