Milos Wimmer


I'm a member of the Laboratories for Computer Science at the University of West Bohemia in Plzen, Czech Republic.
My job is computer networks, especially Internet services.

E-mail services for the University of West Bohemia ( domain)
WWW server
FTP server
Network News server
Proxy/Cache servers
Search server
WebMail server
Time synchronization for the domain
Listserver <>

Maintenance of the main Internet services server of UWB

MICE National Support Centre for Czech Republic
Home Page for the Plzen city (with a fascinating clickable map)

News2WWW gateway for World Wide Web
FTP2WWW gateway for World Wide Web
External MIME gateway for Lotus cc:Mail product family


The regional information center of the computer network of the University of West Bohemia
FRVS, id 1138, year 1994
Multimedia Conferencing
TEN-34, id 96009, years 1996, 97, 98
Upgrade of the regional information center
FRVS, id 906, year 1998
and other projects
(The National Center of Multimedial Application, CESNET (Czech National Research Network) Videokonferencing project, Cache project, Audio Streaming, ...)
like co-worker, years 1994 - today

PGP Public Key ID: 439D1C1A
PGP Key fingerprint: 1C2E 5716 5BA9 BD58 093F 046F E12F AA78 439D 1C1A

snail mail
Milos Wimmer
Laboratories for Computer Science
University of West Bohemia
Univerzitni 8
306 14 Plzen

Laboratories for Computer Science
Univerzitni 22
door No. 413

+420 377 632 843

+420 377 421 419

If you don't know where Plzen is, check the Map of Czech Republic. If you don't know where Czech Republic is, try finding it on the Map of Europe.
And if you don't know where Europe is, sue your high school (or emigrate to a country with a proper educational system ;-).

And here are some of my dreams ;-)

Unix _is_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are...

Milos Wimmer,  2006