The Square of the Republic

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The Square of the Republic (Namesti Republiky) measures 552 x 627 ft and is one of the largest medieval squares in the Czech Lands. It is divided by Riegrova and Drevena Streets into two parts - north and south.

In the smaller northern half there stands St.Bartholomew's Church. In the past there was a graveyard around the church - this was abolished by Emperor Joseph II in 1789.
Between the town hall and church, close to the sacristy, there used to be the splendid Renaissance building of the city's Latin School - this was demolished in 1829.

In every corner of the square there was a French Imperial fountain. The fountain in the north-east corner was in Baroque style and bore a statue of Roland, known in Plzen as Zumbera: in 1919 this was transferred to the Emperor's house alongside the town hall.
The square was cobblestoned in 1859. The buildings in the square still contain predominantly Gothic and Renaissance elements in the foundations, cellars and stonework.

In the courtyards on the east side, especially in courtyard no. 107, remains of the medieval walls are still preserved. The best preserved part of the square is its southern facade.

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