The Brewery Museum ref. no. 58

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House ref. no. 58 (Veleslavinova Street no. 6) Renaissance from the 16th century with a Classical facade from the early 19th century, projecting out into the street.

In the rear wing the malt-house is well preserved. Its construction follows the course of the old city walls, parts of which are preserved behind the house.

Between the malt-house and the walls there runs a little old Gothic lane. In the courtyard there is the Gothic licensed brewer's gate from Mala Street.

Since 1958 the building has contained the brewery museum, covering the brewing of beer from its very origins up to the present day.

Beer has been brewed in Plzen since 1295 when the town was founded. However, the genuine "Pilsener", as it is known all over the world, is connected with the name of The Burghers Brewery (today's Prazdroj brewery), built more than 500 years later, in 1842.

Our Brewery Museum, the only one of its kind in Czech Republic, tries to document the way from home products made by burghers authorized for brewing, to the drink of today's standard quality.
Founded in 1959 in an historical building, in which there was a malthouse as early as the 15th century, and a famous beerhouse in the 19th century the Museum has collected many examples of maltsters', brewers' and innkeepers' trades.

A fully equipped coopers' workshop, an old Czech malt-kiln, a carrier's waggon and a functioning model of a steam brewery are among the attractions; the interiors themselves (including the original lager cellar, hewn in sandstone) are also noteworthy.

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Milos Wimmer August 1998

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