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Every town is a living organism. As an organism regenerates its cells, so does a town. After some time its appearance changes corresponding with the needs of its inhabitants. It is twice as much true in the case of an important town, whether it concerns economy, social or cultural areas.

Nowadays Plzen is a metropolitan town (the third largest Czech town) and the capital of West Bohemia. New suburban districts are connected with one another by a network of trams, buses or trolley buses. Looking towards the northern slopes you will be attracted by the modern building of the University Hospital. Even old parts of the town with protected historic buildings were invaded by modern houses. The building of the Commercial Bank is situated on the bank of the river Radbuza opposite the House of Culture, which offers many possibilities how to spend one's leisure time.

Each of us like to participate from time to time in activities of some kind of sport. There are several swimming pools, tennis courts, a centre for international competition in shooting, a stadium for athletics and soccer, body-building centres here. Because Plzen is known for its cyclists there was also a stadium built for cycling track. In the winter you can skate at the ice stadium or swim in an indoor pool.
The summer season is more favoured with tourists because they can go for short or long trips in the surrounding areas. The ponds at Bolevec with two autocamping areas is a suitable place for nature - lovers and helps to accommodate visitors of this town.

After the sightseeing and recreation, some of you and especially children will welcome the visit to the Zoological Gardens, to see all kinds of exotic and local animals. By analogy, you can be pleased with the different colours, shapes and sizes of plants in the neighbouring Botanical Gardens.

This collection is available in both English and Czech versions.

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Milos Wimmer May 1998

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